Alexei Miller

Academic rank: 
Visiting Professor
Position (magyar): 
egyetemi docens
Department of History
Nador u. 11
Candidate of Science (History) Institute for Slavic and Balkan Studies, Moscow, 1986
Habilitation – Russian State Humanities University, Moscow, 2000
Academic/Professional Experience and Achievements: 

Fellowships and Awards

MacArthur Foundation grant for the project "The Formation of the Image of Russia in Ukrainian Press and of Ukraine in Russian Press after the Dissolution of the USSR," 1994-1995

Humboldt-Stiftung Research Fellow, 1998-1999

MacArthur Foundation grant for the project "The Dichotomy 'Russkij-Rossijskij' in Contemporary Political Discourse in Russia," 2000-2001

Senior Fellow in the Institute for Human Sciences, Vienna, 2001

Senior Fellow, Collegium Budapest, 2002-2003

Visiting Professor, University of Glamorgan, UK – 2004

Leverhulme Trust Professor, Manchester – 2010-2011

Professional Activities

Senior research-fellow, Institute for Scientific Information in Social Sciences, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow

Professor, Russian State University for Humanities, Moscow 

CV attachment: 
Department of History