Prospectus Defense

Prospectus Defenses:

Name Title of the prospectus
Banic, Josip Venetian State Building in Late Medieval Istria (c. 1450 - c. 1550)
Carr-Riegel, Leslie Space and Social Interaction in Medieval Krakow 1300-1500
Ivic, Ines Birth of a National Saint: Saint Jerome Between Identities in the Late Middle Ages Croatia
Kandzha, Iliana The Cult of the Royal Couple: Henry II and Cunigunde in Hagiographic Tradition, Art and Liturgy
Knox, Daniel Ennodius of Pavia and Social Networks in Ostrogothic Italy
Parvanov, Petar Medieval Deviant Burial Customs in South-eastern Europe
Shpakau, Miraslau

Ethnic Discourse in Late Medieval Poland and Lithuania: A Comparative Analysis

Bertovic, Kristian For the Salvation of Soul: Patronage over the Pauline Order in Medieval Croatia and Istria 7 June, 2016
Hayrapetyan, Piruza The Image of the Theotokos in Armenian Gandzes: Comparative Study of Armenian and Syriac Marian Hymns: Literary Motifs, Poetical Forms, and Metrics 8 June, 2016
Laginja, Matea Moralty and Mentality: Impact of the Fourteenth Century Plague on the Daily Live of the Adriatic 8 June, 2016
Mariani, Giacomo Roberto Caracciolo da Lecce’s Model Sermon Collections As a Source for the History of Religiosity and Culture in Italy in the Second Half of the Fifteenth-century 25 February, 2016
Muntan, Emese Negotiating Catholic Reform and Ottoman Subjecthood: Communal and Confessional Boundaries in the Missionary Work of Bosnian Franciscans, 1622-1699 31 May, 2016
Petrovic, Miso From Unam Sanctam to Placetum Regium: Development and Organization of the Church in Croatia, Dalmatia, and Slavonia (1290-1420) 7 June, 2016
Rojas Molina, Grabiela

Challenging Legal Tradition: Relazioni and City Ideology in Venetian Subject-Cities of the Eastern Adriatic and the Mediterranean (14th-16th Centuries)

8 June, 2016
Soficaru, Iuliana Restoring the City's Health: Medical Ecumenism and Public Health in Late Antique Constantinople and Alexandria 9 June, 2016
Theologou, Anastasia Mother Nature vs Father Creator: On the Creation of the World 8 June, 2016
Demirtiken, Elif Monastics and Monasteries of Constantinople 1261-1341 June 8, 2015
Mustata, Radu The Syriac Version of Pedro Gomez's Treatise De Sacramentis and the Syriac Legacy of Francisco Roz June 8, 2015
Peto, Zsuzsanna The Hermits of the King, the Hermits of the People: Pauline Monastic Space in the Carpathian Basin until the Mid-Fifteenth Century June 5, 2015
Pow, Stephen Conquest, Withdrawal, and Diplomatic Overture: Understanding the Mongol Invasions of Europe in the Thirteenth Century June 5, 2015
Razum, Igor A Century of Learning: Transferring the Canons of the Fourth Lateran Council into Central Europe June 4, 2015
Silnovic, Nirvana The Art of the Mithraic Cult in the Roman Province of Dalmatia: Religion and Society June 9, 2015
Stark, Karen Our Lady of Our Land: The Sacred Landscape of Marian Sanctuaries in East-Central Europe, 14th-16th centuries. June 8, 2015
Holger, Hespen
Eschatological Debates in the 6th Century
Juganaru, Andra
Men, Women, and the Angelic Life: Double Monasteries in Late Antiquity June 20, 2014
Konya, Anna
Late Gothic Wall Painting in Transylvania. June 3, 2014
Maric, Ivan Imperial Ideology After Iconoclasm: Renegotiating the Limits of Imperial Power in Byzantium, 843-944 June 11, 2014
Sunnetcioglu, Evren Halil “A Unifier of the Seas of the Shari‘a and the Sufi Path” at the Time of Crisis: Re-Assessing the Seventeenth-Century Ottoman Religious Politics through the Career of a Scholar and Jurist Zekeriyyazade Yahya Efendi (d. 1644)
Vadas, Andras Appropration of Water-resources in Medieval Hungary June 4, 2014
Vargha, Maria The Archaeology of Christianisation of the Rural Countryside of Medieval Hungary with the Context of East Central Europe (11th-13th centuries) June 4, 2014
Becskereki, Ida
Modality and Redemption; Logical Commitments in Thomas Buckingham's Soteriology June 25, 2013
Bodnaruk, Mariana
Production of Distinction: The Representation of the Senatorial Elites in the Later Roman Empire, 306 - 395 May 28, 2013
Eke, Zsuzsanna
Church Furniture and the Art of Carpenters in 16th-Century Transylvania. Mapping Workshops and Influences June 6, 2013
Incze, János
An Unorthodox Royal Financial Policy? The Pledges of King Sigismund in Hungary May 31, 2013
Kelenhegyi, Andor
The Construction of Animal Symbolism in Late Antique and Medieval Judeo-Christian Textual and Pictorial Tradition May 30, 2013
Nikolaishvili, Sandro Imperial Ideology and Dynastic Propaganda in the Komnenoi Byzantium June 10, 2013
Orbán, Áron

Conventions and Inventions: Cosmographical Frameworks and Astrology in the Poetry of Conrad Celtis

June 3, 2013
Adashinskaya, Anna
Ktetorship in Serbia under the Nemanjici as a Social Practice June 4, 2012
Bileta, Vedran
Masters and Commanders: The Changing Role of the Military Elite in the Late Roman West (AD 363-476) June 1, 2012
Grigoryan, Sona
Freethinking and Unbelief in the Abbasyd Era: The Case of Abu 'Ala al-Ma'arri June 4, 2012
Kondor, Marta
"Double-hatted" in the Middle Ages? Sigismund of Luxembourg and the First Decade of the Hungarian - German Personal Union (1410-1419) June 4, 2012
Konrad, Eszter
The Representation of Mendicant Saints in Late Medieval Hungary June 4, 2012
Kraft, Andras The Last Roman Emperor and the Mahdi: The Genesis and Reciprocal Development of a Contentious Politico-Religious Topos June 1, 2012
Mielke, Christopher

Every Hyacinth the Garden Wears: The Archaeology of Medieval Hungarian Queenship (1000-1395)

June 4, 2012
Mitrea, Mihail Hesychasm and Hagiography in Late Byzantium: The Hagiographical Œuvre of Philotheos Kokkinos June 1, 2012
Znorovszky, Andrea-Bianka
Holy Female Monks: A Comparative Study of the Patterns and Development of their Visual Representations June 4, 2012
Aklan, Anna Neoplatonism and Indian Philosophy June 9, 2011
Artimon, Teodora The Image of the Ruler in Moldavia and Walachia in the 16th century June 6, 2011
Bencze, Unige Western Monastic Orders in Medieval Transylvania June 6, 2011
Ivanisevic, Dora Late Antique Bishops in Exile June 6, 2011
Kiss, Tamas Cyprus in Western and Ottoman Political Imagination before and after 1570-71 June 6, 2011
Nastasoiu, Dragos Politics and Theology in the Iconography of "Sancti Reges Hungariae" June 6, 2011
Plumtree, James Controlling Death in Anglo-Norman Society (1066-1216) June 6, 2011
Csikos, Veronika Episcopal Patronage in Angevin Hungary June 10, 2010
Dobcheva, Ivana The Transmission and Reception of the Aratea in the Latin West in the Early Middle Ages (from the 8th to the 11th centuries) June 18, 2010
Ferenczi, Laszlo Landscapes of Power. A Spatial Analysis of the Economic and Social Background of Cistercian Expansion in Central Eastern Europe June 9, 2010
Kozlowski, Wojciech
The Angevin-Piast Alliance in the First Half of the Fourteenth Century. June 10, 2010
Putnik, Noel
Rewriting The Bible: The Biblical and Patristic Heritage in the Works of Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim June 8, 2010
Savinetskaya, Irina France as a Constructive “Other” for the Formation of German Identities (1450-1520) June 9, 2010
Shlyakhtin, Roman
Scythians or Persians? The Image of the Seljuk Turks in Byzantine Historical Literature of Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries June 10, 2010
Kliuchnik, Alena From Europe to “European Asia”: Western Representations of Poland, Lithuania and Muscovy in the Fifteenth and the First Half of the Sixteenth Centuries. May 21, 2009
Lyubljanovic, Kyra Animal Husbandry and Cuman Economic and Social Integration in Medieval Hungary. An Archaeozoological Approach. May 27, 2009
Magyar Zsolt Representing the Self: A Comparison of Late Antique Mausolea in Pannonia and Dalmatia May 27, 2009
Manolova, Divna The Philosophical Argumentation, Its Form, Content and Employment during the Hesychast Debate in Mid Fourteenth-Century Byzantium May 20, 2009
Sabau, Antoaneta Developing Latin Theological and Philosophical Language at the Court of Charles the Bald: De imagine of Gregory of Nyssa in the Translation of John Scottus Eriugena 10 June, 2010
Spoljaric, Luka Nicholas of Modrus (1427-1480): Defensor Ecclesiae, Decus Illyriae May 21, 2009
Vukovic, Marijana Remembering the Saint? Irenaeus of Sirmium in Latin, Greek, and Old Church Slavonic Hagiography (8th to 13h centuries) May 20, 2009
Wheatley-Irving, Linda Building the Monastic Life: Mar Abhai and Pesqin Monasteries on the Euphrates June 12, 2009
Conti, Fabrizio Preachears and Confessors against "superstitions:"Learned approaches in Franciscan Observants with Particular Emphasis on the "Rosarium sermonum" of Bernardino Busti June 12, 2008
Drosztmér, Ágnes Images of the Occupier: The Ottomans in sixteenth-century Hungarian Literary Discourse June 9, 2008
Dulus, Mircea Philagathos of Cerami and Neilos Doxapatres: Byzantine Culture, Monastic Renewal, and Politics at the Court of King Roger II (1130-1154) and William (1154-1166) June 12, 2008
Karacic, Darko The Franciscan Impact on Medieval Dalmatian and Bosnian Urban Centers June 9. 2008
Mérai, Dóra Tradition and Transformation in transylvanian Stone: Stone Sepulchers in the face of the Reformation June 9, 2008
Tsonkova, Svetlana Prayers, Incantations, Amulets Practical Magic in Bulgarian Popular Magic (Eleventh-Fifteenth Centuries) June 12, 2008
Bokody, Péter Reality and Symbol A History of Image-within-Picture in the Art of Medieval Italy (1290-1350) June 8, 2007
Gabrichidze, Natia Historia Ecclesiastica by St. Germanos I Patriarch of Constantinople and its Old Georgian Translations June 6, 2007
Hasimbegovic, Elma Books for Monks/priests and/or Nobility: Manuscripts of the Bosnian Church June 13, 2007
Jedamski, Julia  Itinerary Kingship in Byzantium: A Topographical analysis of the Laskarid Realm (1204-1261) June 7, 2007
Keene, Katie  Margaret of Scotland: Her Life and Memory May 23, 2007
Leonte, Florin  Writing Politics in Late Byzantium (1354-1425): From the Age of Post-Hesychasm to the Times of Manuel II Palaiologos  May 23, 2007
McEntee, Brian  The Queen’s Town: Queens and Óbuda in the Late Middle Ages May 23, 2007
Novalija, Alen A Ruler or a Prayer: Ideas and Ideals of Medieval Serbian Sainthood June 18, 2007
Arany, Krisztina Florentine Merchant Families in Hungary During the Reign of King Sigismund of Luxemburg May 29, 2006
Buda, Zsőfia The Visual Representation of Solomon in Jewish Book Illumination of the 13-15 c. A Comparative Approach September 27, 2006
Daniel, Cristian Nicolae Coping with the Powerful Other: Orthodox Ecclesiastical Geography of Late Medieval Transylvania May  30, 2006
Fügedi, Krisztina Vices and Virtues as Didactic Instruments in Benedictine Monastic Texts and Images from Austria (1000-1200) June 7, 2006
Kurelic, Robert Border Society: Immigration, Integration, and Conflict in the Late Medieval County of Pazin May 31, 2006
Szilágyi Magdolna Medieval Roads in Transdanubia May, 2006