Doktori védések

Defense date Thesis author Thesis Title Thesis supervisor
4 May 2018 Piotr Wcislik License: The Prefigurative Politics of Polish Dissident Social Media Activism, 1976-1990 Balázs Trencsényi
27 April 2018 Oskar Mulej Interwar Perspectives on Liberalism in Central Europe: the Czech, Austrian and Slovene National Liberal Heirs, 1918-1934 Maciej Janowski
17 March 2017 Liliana Iuga Reshaping the Historic City under Socialism: State Preservation, Urban Planning, and the Politics of Scarcity in Romania (1945-1977) Constantin Iordachi
16 March 2017 Adrian Grama Laboring Along: Industrial Workers and the Making of Postwar Romania (1944-1955) Marsha Siefert
18 January 2017 Francesco La Rocca Writers of Tales: A Study on National Literary Epic Poetry with a Comparative Analysis of the Albanian and South Slavic Cases György Szőnyi
12 June 2015 Anna Mazanik Sanitation, Urban Environment and the Politics of Public Health in Late Imperial Moscow Alexei Miller
31 March 2015 Zsofia Lorand “Learning a Feminist Language”: The Intellectual History of Feminism in Yugoslavia in the 1970s and 1980s
18 March 2015 Emily Gioielli ‘White Misrule’: Terror and Political Violence during Hungary’s Long World War I, 1919-1924 Susan Zimmermann
30 October 2014 Uku Lember Silenced Ethnicity: Russian-Estonian Intermarriages in Soviet Estonia (Oral History) Marsha Siefert
29 April 2013 Katalin Straner Science, Translation and the Public: The Hungarian Reception of Darwinism, 1858-1875 Karl Hall
5 February 2013 Livia Szelpal A Tale of Two Hungarian Cities: The Making and Reading of Modern Debrecen and Szeged, 1850-1914 Judit Bodnár
23 September 2011 Adam Mestyan “A garden with mellow fruits of refinement” - Music Theatres and Cultural Politics in Cairo and Istanbul, 1867-1892 Marsha Siefert
15 June 2011 Maria Falina Public Defense of the Doctoral Thesis by Maria Falina: “Pyrrhic Victory: East Orthodox Christianity, Politics and Serbian Nationalism in the Interwar Period ” Balázs Trencsényi
11 December 2009 Marioara-Camelia Craciun Between Marginal Rebels and Mainstream Critics: Jewish Romanian Intellectuals in the Interwar Period Andras Kovacs