Guide to Visual Resources of Medieval East-Central Europe

TitleGuide to Visual Resources of Medieval East-Central Europe
Publication TypeBook
AuthorsSzakács, Béla Zsolt
PublisherCEU, Department of Medieval Studies
Place of PublicationBudapest
SeriesCEU Medievalia
Series Number2

The present volume contains descriptions of 69 photographic source collections of nine East-Central Europein countries. The survay of medieval visual source materials described in this book has shown that with the help of excellent research projects some extremly important source colections have been collected, but they are often entirely inaccessible for foreign scholars, or sometimes even for local academics. In order cases, these collections can be used very well, but no attempt was made to utilise these in educational programmes or to make them available in publications. these are the reasons why we have decided to publish this survey material as the second volume of a new series: CEU Medievalia.