Niels Gaul

Academic/Professional Experience and Achievements: 

Niels Gaul taught at Central European University from 2007 to 2015 and is now the A. G. Leventis Professor of Byzantine Studies in the University of Edinburgh’s School of History, Classics & Archaeology.

Courses taught by Niels Gaul

Theses supervised by Niels Gaul

Imperial Ideology After Iconoclasm: Renegotiating the Limits of Imperial Power in Byzantium, 843-912
Thesis author: Ivan Marić
Year of enrollment: 2013/2014
Byzantium and Georgian World between 900–1213: Kingship, Politics and Royal Rhetoric in the Byzantine Periphery
Thesis author: Sandro Nikolaishvili
Year of enrollment: 2012/2013
From Huns into Persians: The Image of the Seljuk Turks of Asia Minor among the Byzantine Literati of the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries
Thesis author: Roman Shlyakhtin
Year of enrollment: 2009/2010
Nicholas of Modruš, 'The Glory of Illyria': Humanist Patriotism and Self-Fashioning in Renaissance Rome
Thesis author: Luka Špoljarić
Year of enrollment: 2008/2009
Discourses of Science and Philosophy in the Letters of Nikephoros Gregoras
Thesis author: Divna Manolova
Year of enrollment: 2008/2009
Rhetoric, Exegesis and Florilegic Structure in Philagathos of Cerami: An Investigation of the Homilies and of the Allegorical Exegesis of Heliodorus’ Aethiopika
Thesis author: Mircea Grațian Duluş
Year of enrollment: 2007/2008
Rhetoric in Purple: the Renewal of Imperial Ideology in the Texts of Emperor Manuel II Palaiologos
Thesis author: Florin Leonte
Year of enrollment: 2006/2007
Itinerant Rulership in Byzantium: a Topographical Analysis of the Laskarid Realm (1204–1261)
Thesis author: Julia Jedamski
Year of enrollment: 2006/2007
Coping with the Powerful Other: A Comparative Approach to Greek-Slavonic Communities of Rite in Late Medieval Transylvania and the Banat
Thesis author: Cristian Daniel
Year of enrollment: 2005/2006
Imperial Systematization of the Past: Emperor Constantine VII and His Historical Excerpts
Thesis author: András Németh
Year of enrollment: 2004/2005