Gerhard Jaritz

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Department of Medieval Studies
Nador u. 9, Faculty Tower
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PhD, 1973, University of Graz
Dr.h.c., 2004, University of Koppenhagen
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Academic/research topics: 
History of everyday life
history of visual culture
gender history

Courses taught by Gerhard Jaritz

Visual Culture 2011/2012
Norm and Practice 2009/2010

Theses supervised by Gerhard Jaritz

Discourses of Collective Identity in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania from the Fifteenth to the Mid-Seventeenth Century
Thesis author: Miraslau Shpakau
Year of enrollment: 2016/2017
The Cult of the Royal Couple: Henry II and Cunigunde in Hagiographic Tradition, Art and Liturgy
Thesis author: Iliana Kandzha
Year of enrollment: 2016/2017
Contextualizing the Plague in the Adriatic
Thesis author: Matea Laginja
Year of enrollment: 2015/2016
The Political Language and Communication between Venice and the Albania Veneta at the turn of the Fifteenth century
Thesis author: Grabiela Rojas Molina
Year of enrollment: 2015/2016
Production of Distinction: The Self-representation of the Senatorial Aristocracy in the 4th Century CE
Thesis author: Mariana Bodnaruk
Year of enrollment: 2012/2013
Wooden Church Furnishings and the Art of Joiners in Sixteenth-Century Transylvania. Influences and Workshops
Thesis author: Zsuzsanna Eke
Year of enrollment: 2012/2013
Between Mary and Christ: Depicting Cross-Dressed Saints in the Middle Ages (c. 1200-1600)
Thesis author: Andrea-Bianka Znorovszky
Year of enrollment: 2011/2012
‘How the Corpse of a Most Mighty King... The Use of the Death and Burial of the English Monarch (From Edward to Henry I)’
Thesis author: James Plumtree
Year of enrollment: 2010/2011
The Proto-Myth of Stephen the Great of Moldavia
Thesis author: Teodora Artimon
Year of enrollment: 2010/2011
Episcopal Patronage in Angevin Hungary
Year of enrollment: 2009/2010
The Politics and Poetics of Morbus Gallicus in the German Lands (1495 - 1520)
Thesis author: Irina Savinetskaya
Year of enrollment: 2009/2010
Western Representations of Poland, Lithuania and Moscovia in the Fifteenth - First Half of the Sixteenth Centuries. A Comparative Approach Using Visual Text Analysis.
Thesis author: Alena Kliuchnik
Year of enrollment: 2008/2009
Charms, Amulets: Rites: Verbal Magic and Daily Life in Late Medieval and Early Modern Bulgaria
Thesis author: Svetlana Tsonkova
Year of enrollment: 2007/2008
Sacrifice and Redemption in the Hamburg Miscellany. The Illustration of a Fifteenth-century Ashkenazi Manuscript
Thesis author: Zsófia Buda
Year of enrollment: 2005/2006
Eagle and Lion: Integration, Immigration, and Conflict on the Istrian Frontier in the Sixteenth Century
Thesis author: Robert Kurelić
Year of enrollment: 2005/2006
The Myth of Ragusa: Discourses on Civic Identity in an Adriatic City-State (1350-1600)
Thesis author: Lovro Kunčević
Year of enrollment: 2004/2005
The Attentive Gaze. Town and Landscape in the Graphic Arts of the Sixteenth Century
Thesis author: Judit Sebõ
Year of enrollment: 2004/2005
The Uses of Pragmatic Literacy in the Medieval Principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia (from the State Foundation to the End of the Sixteenth Century)
Thesis author: Mariana Goina
Year of enrollment: 2001/2002
Reception and Its Varieties: Reading, Re-Writing, and Understanding Cena Cypriani in the Middle Ages
Thesis author: Doležalová, Lucie
Year of enrollment: 2001/2002
Mogiła and Henryków: A Comparative Economic History of Cistercian Monasteries within their Social Context (Up to the End of the Thirteenth Century)
Thesis author: Żabiński, Grzegorz
Year of enrollment: 2000/2001
Late Antique Motifs in Yezidi Oral Tradition
Thesis author: Eszter Spät
Year of enrollment: 2000/2001
Religious Drama and Performance in Early Modern Krakow
Thesis author: Szpilewska, Jolanta
Year of enrollment: 1999/2000
Regnum Albaniae and the Papal Curia
Thesis author: Etleva Lala
Year of enrollment: 1999/2000
In Heaven and on Earth: Church Treasure in Late Medieval Bohemia
Thesis author: Katerina Horničková
Year of enrollment: 1999/2000
Contextualizing Thirteenth-Century Benedictine Preaching: The Case of St. Lambrecht (Styria)
Thesis author: Lemeneva, Elena
Year of enrollment: 1998/1999
Plant Depictions in Late Medieval Religious Art in Southern Central Europe
Thesis author: Sillasoo, Ülle
Year of enrollment: 1997/1998
The Urban Festival in Late Medieval Livonia: Norm, Practice, Perception
Thesis author: Mänd, Anu
Year of enrollment: 1996/1997
Patronage and Artistic Production in Transylvania: The Apafis and the Church in Mălâncrav (14th – 15th centuries)
Thesis author: Gogâltan, Anca
Year of enrollment: 1995/1996
Urban Last Wills from Late Medieval Dalmatia with Special Attention to the Legacies Pro Remedio Animae
Thesis author: Ladić, Zoran
Year of enrollment: 1994/1995