István Perczel

Academic rank: 
Department of Medieval Studies
Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies (CEMS)
Nador u. 15
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Candidatus Scientiae in Religious Studies 1995
Academic/Professional Experience and Achievements: 

2010-2013 Co-director, together with Niels Gaul, of the educational programme "Byzantium and the Caucasus from Late Antiquity through the Middle Ages"

Apr. 2010   Visiting Professor, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris, CARE programme

2004-2009, Research Associate, Orientalisches Seminar, University of Tübingen 

Nov.-Dec. 2004  Visiting Professor, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris

 19-31 July 2004  Course Director, together with Peter Brown (Princeton University) and György Geréby (Eötvös Lóránd University, Budapest): “Changing Intellectual Landscapes in Late Antiquity,” Summer University, CEU

 Aug. 2001  Course Director, together with György Geréby (Eötvös Lóránd University, Budapest): “Religious Identity and Religious Syncretism,” Summer University, CEU

 Jan. 1998-Dec. 2000   Research Project Director, CEU, “Research Group into Medieval Platonism”

 July 1999   Course Director, together with György Geréby (Eötvös Lóránd University, Budapest): “The Many Cultural Centers of the Medieval Oikumene,” Summer University, CEU

30 May-12 June 1997  Course Director: “The Caucasus: a Unique Meeting Point of Ancient Cultures”, Summer University, CEU

 May 1995  Visiting Professor: École Pratique des Hautes Études, 5è Section (Sciences religieuses), Paris

Oct. 1990-Sept.1994  Visiting Lecturer: Janus Pannonius University, Department of Literary History, Pécs, Hungary.

Source Language Teaching Group
Academic/research topics: 
Neoplatonist philosophy
Byzantine and Eastern Christian Studies
Syriac manuscriptss
Language proficiencies (spoken): 
English (fluent)
French (fluent)
Modern Greek (fluent)
Russian (advanced)
Italian (proficient)
German (fair)
Ktobonoyo (Classical Syriac: fair)

Courses taught by István Perczel

Theses supervised by István Perczel

Mother Nature vs Father Creator: On the Creation of the World
Thesis author: Anastasia Theologou
Year of enrollment: 2015/2016
The Image of the Theotokos in Armenian Gandjs and Tałs: Comparative Study with Syriac and Byzantine Marian Hymns
Thesis author: Piruza Hayrapetyan
Year of enrollment: 2015/2016
The Syriac Version of Pedro Gomez's Treatise On the Seven Sacraments of the Church and the Syriac Legacy of Francisco Roz
Thesis author: Radu Mustata
Year of enrollment: 2014/2015
Eschatological Debates in the late 6th Century
Thesis author: Holger Hespen
Year of enrollment: 2013/2014
Family Double Monasteries in the Fourth and the Fifth Centuries: An Inquiry into the Theological Roots, Social Context, and Early Evolution of an Old Practice
Thesis author: Andra Juganaru
Year of enrollment: 2013/2014
The apocalyptic horizon in Byzantium: philosophy, prophecy, and politics during the eleventh through thirteenth centuries
Thesis author: András Kraft
Year of enrollment: 2011/2012
Wandering Lotuses: Parallel Philosophical Illustrations in Late Antique Greek and in Indian Philosophies
Thesis author: Anna Katalin Aklan
Year of enrollment: 2010/2011
Building the Monastic Life: Mar Abhai and Pesqin Monasteries on the Euphrates
Thesis author: Linda Wheatley-Irving
Year of enrollment: 2008/2009
The Homilies of St. Germanos I Patriarch of Constantinople in the Old Georgian Translated Sources
Thesis author: Natia Gabrichidze
Year of enrollment: 2005/2006
Transmission History of Euthymios Zigadenos’ Panoplia Dogmatike with Editio Princeps of Scholia to the Fragments of Dionysios the Areopagite and Gregory the Theologian
Thesis author: Nadejda Miladinova
Year of enrollment: 2004/2005
Late Antique Motifs in Yezidi Oral Tradition
Thesis author: Eszter Spät
Year of enrollment: 2000/2001
The Epistula Abgari: Composition, Redactions, Dates
Thesis author: Karaulashvili, Irma
Year of enrollment: 1999/2000
"… from my body I behold God" (Job 19, 26): A Contribution to the Revaluation of the Theoretical Background of the Origenist Controversy
Thesis author: Schmelowszky Ágoston
Year of enrollment: 1999/2000
The Revised- Diplomatic Edition and a Historical and Textual Investigation of "Letter of Love and Concordance between the Emperor Constantine the Great and Pope Sylvester and the King of Armenian Trdat the Great and St. Gregory the Illuminator"
Thesis author: Pogossian, Zaroui
Year of enrollment: 1999/2000
In Praise of Unlikely Holy Men: Elite Hagiography, Monastic Panegyric, and Cultural Translation in the Philotheos Historia of Theodoret, Bishop of Cyrrhus
Thesis author: Cristian-Nicolae Gaşpar
Year of enrollment: 1998/1999
Origen's Influence on the Young Augustine
Thesis author: Heidl, György
Year of enrollment: 1997/1998
Transformations of Philosophical Metaphors in Text and Image: From Plotinus to John Damascene and Christian Iconography
Thesis author: Kolbutova, Irina
Year of enrollment: 1997/1998
The Platonic Theology of Ioane Petritsi
Thesis author: Gigineishvili, Levan
Year of enrollment: 1996/1997
A Cult With Images. Christian Attitudes towards Sacred Art from Constantine to Justinian
Thesis author: Bugár István
Year of enrollment: 1996/1997