József Laszlovszky

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Department of Medieval Studies
Nador u. 9, Faculty Tower
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Associate Professor, Department of Medieval and Postmedieval Archaeology, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest (part time)

Courses taught by József Laszlovszky

Theses supervised by József Laszlovszky

The Formation and Function of Military Retinues in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia During the 9th-11th c.
Thesis author: Csete Katona
Year of enrollment: 2018/2019
Narrating the Biography of the Monastery of Saint John the Forerunner of Studios
Thesis author: Çiçek Dereli
Year of enrollment: 2017/2018
Medieval Deviant Burial Customs in South-eastern Europe
Thesis author: Petar Parvanov
Year of enrollment: 2016/2017
For the Salvation of Souls: Patronage over the Pauline Order in Medieval Croatia and Istria
Thesis author: Kristian Bertović
Year of enrollment: 2015/2016
The Hermits of the King, the Hermits of the People: Pauline Monastic Space in the Carpathian Basin until the Mid-Fifteenth Century
Thesis author: Zsuzsa Pető
Year of enrollment: 2014/2015
Conquest, Withdrawal, and Diplomatic Overture: Understanding the Mongol Invasions of Europe in the Thirteenth Century
Thesis author: Stephen Pow
Year of enrollment: 2014/2015
Our Lady of Our Land: The Sacred Landscape of Marian Sanctuaries in East-Central Europe, 14th-16th centuries
Thesis author: Karen Stark
Year of enrollment: 2014/2015
The Archaeology of Christianisation of the Rural Countryside of Medieval Hungary with the Context of East Central Europe (11th-13th centuries)
Thesis author: Mária Vargha
Year of enrollment: 2013/2014
Every Hyacinth the Garden Wears: The Archaeology of Medieval Hungarian Queenship (1000-1395)
Thesis author: Christopher Mielke
Year of enrollment: 2011/2012
On the Border: Western Monastic Orders in Medieval Transylvania (Eleventh to Sixteenth Century)
Thesis author: Ünige Bencze
Year of enrollment: 2010/2011
Management of Monastic Landscapes. A Spatial Analysis of the Economy of Cistercian Monasteries in Medieval Hungary.
Thesis author: László Ferenczi
Year of enrollment: 2009/2010
Building the Monastic Life: Mar Abhai and Pesqin Monasteries on the Euphrates
Thesis author: Linda Wheatley-Irving
Year of enrollment: 2008/2009
The Franciscan Impact on Medieval Dalmatian and Bosnian Urban Centers
Thesis author: Darko Karačić
Year of enrollment: 2007/2008
Memory from the Past, Display for the Future: Early Modern Funeral Monuments from the Transylvanian Principality
Thesis author: Dóra Mérai
Year of enrollment: 2007/2008
Itinerant Rulership in Byzantium: a Topographical Analysis of the Laskarid Realm (1204–1261)
Thesis author: Julia Jedamski
Year of enrollment: 2006/2007
Manuscripts of the Bosnian Church
Thesis author: Elma Hašimbegović
Year of enrollment: 2006/2007
Árpád Period Communication Networks: Road Systems in Western Transdanubia
Thesis author: Magdolna Szilágyi
Year of enrollment: 2005/2006
Religious Representations on Stove Tiles from the Medieval Kingdom of Hungary
Thesis author: Ana Maria Gruia
Year of enrollment: 2004/2005
The Mendicant Orders in Medieval Transylvania, 13th-16th Centuries
Thesis author: Zoltán Soós
Year of enrollment: 2002/2003
Landscapes and settlements in the Kecskemét Region, 1300–1700
Thesis author: Edit Belényesyné Sárosi
Year of enrollment: 2001/2002
The Castles of the Aristocracy in the Fifteenth Century Hungary. New Features in Building Residences
Thesis author: Radu Lupescu
Year of enrollment: 2000/2001
Floods and Long-Term Water-Level Changes in Late Medieval Hungary
Thesis author: Andrea Kiss
Year of enrollment: 1998/1999
Woodland and Forests in Medieval Hungary
Thesis author: Szabó Péter
Year of enrollment: 1998/1999
Migration and Identity during the Lombard Invasions
Thesis author: Irene Barbiera
Year of enrollment: 1998/1999
Iron Making in the Migration Period. The Case of the Lombards
Thesis author: La Salvia, Vasco
Year of enrollment: 1998/1999
Byzantine Coins from Macedonia: Money and Their Use in South-Eastern Balkans (1081-1261)
Thesis author: Katerina Hristovska
Year of enrollment: 1997/1998
Noble Residences and Their Social Context in Hungary in the Thirteenth through the Sixteenth Centuries
Thesis author: Virágos Gábor
Year of enrollment: 1997/1998
Hospitallers in the Medieval Kingdom of Hungary, c. 1150-1387
Thesis author: Hunyadi Zsolt
Year of enrollment: 1996/1997
Monasticism in Bulgaria, Ninth to Tenth Centuries: Interpreting the Archaeological Evidence
Thesis author: Kostova, Rossina
Year of enrollment: 1995/1996