Katalin Szende

Academic rank: 
Associate Professor
1YMA Director
Position (magyar): 
Department of Medieval Studies
Nador u. 9, Faculty Tower
Phone number: 
+36 1 327-3052
PhD, ELTE Budapest
CV attachment: 
Department of Medieval Studies
Academic/research topics: 
urban culture
archival sources

Courses taught by Katalin Szende

Theses supervised by Katalin Szende

For the Salvation of Souls: Patronage over the Pauline Order in Medieval Croatia and Istria
Thesis author: Kristian Bertović
Year of enrollment: 2015/2016
Development and Organization of the Church in Croatia, Dalmatia and Slavonia in the 14th Century
Thesis author: Mišo Petrović
Year of enrollment: 2015/2016
The Political Language and Communication between Venice and the Albania Veneta at the turn of the Fifteenth century
Thesis author: Grabiela Rojas Molina
Year of enrollment: 2015/2016
The Hermits of the King, the Hermits of the People: Pauline Monastic Space in the Carpathian Basin until the Mid-Fifteenth Century
Thesis author: Zsuzsa Pető
Year of enrollment: 2014/2015
The Control and Appropriation of Water Resources in Late Medieval and Early Modern Hungary (15th–17th centuries)
Thesis author: András Vadas
Year of enrollment: 2013/2014
“Our Lord the King Looks for Money in Every Corner” Sigismund of Luxembourg’s Pledgings in Hungary
Thesis author: János Incze
Year of enrollment: 2012/2013
The Ginger Fox's Two Crowns. Central Administration and Government in Sigismund of Luxembourg's Realms 1410-1419
Thesis author: Márta Kondor
Year of enrollment: 2011/2012
On the Border: Western Monastic Orders in Medieval Transylvania (Eleventh to Sixteenth Century)
Thesis author: Ünige Bencze
Year of enrollment: 2010/2011
Árpád Period Communication Networks: Road Systems in Western Transdanubia
Thesis author: Magdolna Szilágyi
Year of enrollment: 2005/2006
The Matter of Honour. The Leading Urban Elite in Sixteenth Century Cluj and Sibiu
Thesis author: Ágnes Flóra
Year of enrollment: 2004/2005
Provisions for Widowhood in the Legal Sources of Sixteenth-Century Lithuania
Thesis author: Jurgita Kunsmanaitė
Year of enrollment: 2003/2004
Boldizsár Batthyány (1542-1590).Erudition, Natural Sciences, Patronage, and Friendship in the Life of a Sixteenth-Century Hungarian Nobleman
Thesis author: Bobory Dóra
Year of enrollment: 2002/2003
Students from Košice at Foreign Universities Before and During the Reformation Period in the Town
Thesis author: Iulia Capros
Year of enrollment: 2001/2002
Landscapes and settlements in the Kecskemét Region, 1300–1700
Thesis author: Edit Belényesyné Sárosi
Year of enrollment: 2001/2002
Mary of Hungary in Court Context (1521-1531)
Thesis author: Orsolya Réthelyi
Year of enrollment: 2000/2001
Catholic Piety in Medieval Transylvanian Towns on the Basis of Donations and Testaments
Thesis author: Maria Lupescu
Year of enrollment: 2000/2001
'Urban Development and German Law in Galician Rus’ During the Thirteenth - Fifteenth Centuries
Thesis author: Kozubska-Andrusiv, Olha
Year of enrollment: 2000/2001
Church in Town: Urban Religious Life in Late Medieval Pressburg in the Mirror of Last Wills
Thesis author: Judit Majorossy
Year of enrollment: 1996/1997