Susan Zimmermann

Academic rank: 
University Professor
Position (magyar): 
egyetemi tanár
Department of Gender Studies
Department of History
“Habilitation” Johannes Kepler Universität Linz (Austria) 2000.
“Habilitáció” Eötvös Loránd University Budapest (Hungary) 1999.
Ph.D., Universität Wien 1993 (history of social policy, urban history, comparative social change).
Academic/Professional Experience and Achievements: 

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Department of Gender Studies
Department of History
Academic/research topics: 
International labor policy
internationalism and global inequality
history of women’s movements
histories and concepts of social change in a local-global perspective
comparative history of welfare and social policy

Courses taught by Susan Zimmermann

3rd Year PhD Research Seminar

Theses supervised by Susan Zimmermann

The Making of a Productivist Middle Class. The Students of ‘Commercial’ High Schools in Pre-Socialist Hungary and their Battle for Social Legitimation, Elite Training and Middle-Class Identity
Thesis author: Matyas Erdélyi
Year of enrollment: 2013/2014
Governance and (Under) Development in a Semiperipheral Empire: Croatia, Hungary, and Habsburg Monarchy in Comparative Perspective (1849-1883)
Thesis author: Mladen Medved
Year of enrollment: 2012/2013
‘White Misrule’: Terror and Political Violence during Hungary’s Long World War I, 1919-1924
Thesis author: Emily Gioielli
Year of enrollment: 2008/2009
The Hungarian Pension System, 1948-1990. Welfare and Politics in a Socialist Country in its European Context
Thesis author: Szemző, Hanna
Year of enrollment: 2003/2004
Woman's Question and Women's Movement Among Ottoman Armenians 1875-1914
Thesis author: Khalapyan, Hasmik
Year of enrollment: 2001/2002
Hungarian Family Law and the Struggle for Gender Order, 1848-1913
Thesis author: Loutfi, Anna
Year of enrollment: 2001/2002
Feminist Ideologies and Activism in Romania(approx 1890-1940s). Nationalism and Internationalism in Romanian Projects for Women's Emancipation
Thesis author: Cheschebec, Roxana
Year of enrollment: 1999/2000
A History of Hungarian Psychiatry, 1850-1908
Thesis author: Lafferton, Emese
Year of enrollment: 1999/2000
Restructuring and Envisioning Bucharest. The Socialist Project in the Context of Romanian Planning for a Capital, a Fast Changing City and and Inherited Urban Space, 1852-1989
Thesis author: Popa, Maria Raluca
Year of enrollment: 1998/1999
Architecture, Cultural Politics and National Identity: Lemberg 1772-1918. Entangling National Histories
Thesis author: Prokopovych, Markian
Year of enrollment: 1998/1999
Family Structures and Strategies in Post-Emancipation Lithuania
Thesis author: Pilinkaite-Sotirovic, Vilana
Year of enrollment: 1995/1996