The Political Language and Communication between Venice and the Albania Veneta at the turn of the Fifteenth century

Thesis author: 
Grabiela Rojas Molina
Year of enrollment: 
Duration of thesis project: 
Sep, 2015 - Sep, 2021
Thesis supervisor: 
Gerhard Jaritz
Thesis supervisor: 
Katalin Szende
Thesis abstract: 

My research will analyze the relationship between Venice’s political culture and the implications it had in the production of the reports trying to describe the overseas administration of rule in cities of the Eastern Mediterranean —Kotor (Cattaro), Bar (Antibari), and Budva (Budua)— and from the Cretan Archipelago in the Ionian Sea (Kingdom of Candia) from the fourteenth to the beginning of the sixteenth century. I am particularly interested in the indications of a shared language for political affairs among the Venetian ruling class in both Venice and among the governors overseas. I will further analyze the different readings we can give to the “communicationes" to Venice to understand what they tell us about the social stratification, political organization, city ideology, etc., in the controlled cities, as the Venetians perceived it. I will contextualize this with intellectual momentum within the sphere of many Venetian patricians given that this momentum occurred in parallel with the technical, economic, military and political motives behind Venice’s expansion.