Student theses

Access to full texts of CEU theses is available through the Electronic Theses and Dissertation (ETD) system maintained by the CEU Library.

Thesis author Title Thesis supervisor Keyword(s) Year of enrollment
Dereli, Çiçek Narrating the Biography of the Monastery of Saint John the Forerunner of Studios 2017/2018
Komori, Tünde A Network of Consumption: The Distribution of Luxury Ceramics in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire (16th - 17th centuries) 2017/2018
Milenkovic, Dunja Competence and Competitivity of the Byzantine Intellectual: The Case of Theodore Prodromos 2017/2018
Miljan, Sanja Organization and Activity of Franciscans in Medieval Dalmatia 2017/2018
Rudnev, Iurii Hermeticism in the circles of Accademia fiorentina, 1540–1583 2017/2018
Povilas Dikavicius Honor in Harmony. Social Unity Based on Ethical Virtue in Early-Modern Poland-Lithuania Matthias Riedl 2016/2017
Banic, Josip Venetian Istria in the Embrace of a Nascent Dominium (1380 - 1517) 2016/2017
Bari, László Bence Goarding Knots: National Movements and State Politics in Central and Eastern Europe in the Long 19th Century Balázs Trencsényi 2016/2017
Carr-Riegel, Leslie To Serve the Kings: Providers to the court of Jadwiga and Władysław II Jagiełło of Poland (1384-1434) from the city of Krakow 2016/2017
Ivić, Ines Birth of a National Saint: Saint Jerome Between Identities in the Late Middle Ages Croatia Gábor Klaniczay 2016/2017
Kandzha, Iliana The Cult of the Royal Couple: Henry II and Cunigunde in Hagiographic Tradition, Art and Liturgy 2016/2017
Kende, Ágnes Memories of Stone: The Politics of Holocaust Remembrance in Hungary and Germany, 1980-2014 Constantin Iordachi 2016/2017
Knox, Daniel Ennodius of Pavia and Social Networks in Ostrogothic Italy 2016/2017
Kubekas , Vilius Lithuanian Catholic Intellectuals Facing the Second World War Balázs Trencsényi 2016/2017
Ludlova, Nikola Social Engineering in Socialist Czechoslovakia. Biopolitics as a Tool of Transforming and Controlling Gypsy Subjects. 2016/2017
Lyapov, Filip The Crown's Thorns: Balkan Dictatorship and the Army Constantin Iordachi 2016/2017
Muhonen, Riikkamari The Connections of Moscow-based People's Friendship University with the Developing World 1960-1982: A Case Study of Soviet Soft Power and Transnational Relations Charles Shaw 2016/2017
Papushina, Anastasia Concepts of Death and Suffering in Revolutionary Festivals: Comparing the Experience of French and Russian Revolution Marsha Siefert 2016/2017
Parvanov, Petar Medieval Deviant Burial Customs in South-eastern Europe 2016/2017
Shpakau, Miraslau Discourses of Collective Identity in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania from the Fifteenth to the Mid-Seventeenth Century Gerhard Jaritz 2016/2017
Bertović, Kristian For the Salvation of Souls: Patronage over the Pauline Order in Medieval Croatia and Istria 2015/2016
Bystryk, Aliaksandr From Poets to Statesmen: Transformation of the Belarusian National Movement in the Time of the European Crisis (1914-1921). Alexei Miller 2015/2016
Georgiev, Georgi Feedback from the Secret Radio: Comparative History of Gathering Information under Cold War Constraints Constantin Iordachi 2015/2016
Hayrapetyan, Piruza The Image of the Virgin Mary in Armenian Gandzes: Comparative Study with Syriac Marian Hymns István Perczel 2015/2016
Jelusic, Iva Remembering Women Partisans in Tito’s Yugoslavia Constantin Iordachi 2015/2016
Kelemen, Ágnes Migration of Numerus Claus Exiles: Hungarian Jewish Students in Interwar Europe Victor Karady 2015/2016
Kralj, Lovro Paving the Road to Death: Antisemitism in the Ustasha Movement (1929-1945) Constantin Iordachi 2015/2016
Krizmanics, Réka Writing History in Softening Dictatorships Balázs Trencsényi 2015/2016
Laginja, Matea Contextualizing the Plague in the Adriatic 2015/2016
Mariani, Giacomo Roberto Caracciolo da Lecce’s Sermons as a Source for Religious and Intellectual History of Late Fifteenth-century Italy Gábor Klaniczay 2015/2016