Dissertation Topics

Thesis author Thesis topic Thesis supervisor Year of enrollment
Hlača, Tea The Fourteenth and Early Fifteenth Centuries Wall Painting in Istria in its Broader Stylistic, Iconographic, and Historical Frameworks Béla Zsolt Szakács 2018/2019
Kalashnikova, Olga The Father of the Bohemian Reformation: Iohannes Milicius de Cremsir's Criticism of the Church in Pre-Hussite Bohemia Gábor Klaniczay 2018/2019
Katona, Csete The Formation and Function of Military Retinues in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia During the 9th-11th c. József Laszlovszky 2018/2019
Kinde, Anna The Function of the Eastern Parts of Late Medieval Cathedrals in Central Europe Béla Zsolt Szakács 2018/2019
Kumir, Marino The Symbolic Language of Christian Piety in the Croatian Dukedom Daniel Ziemann 2018/2019
Longo, Gaetano Damascius' Aporethical Metaphysics in Relation to Plato's Parmenides György László Geréby 2018/2019
Dereli, Çiçek Narrating the Biography of the Monastery of Saint John the Forerunner of Studios 2017/2018
Komori, Tünde A Network of Consumption: The Distribution of Luxury Ceramics in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire (16th - 17th centuries) 2017/2018
Milenkovic, Dunja Competence and Competitivity of the Byzantine Intellectual: The Case of Theodore Prodromos 2017/2018
Miljan, Sanja Organization and Activity of Franciscans in Medieval Dalmatia 2017/2018
Rudnev, Iurii Hermeticism in the circles of Accademia fiorentina, 1540–1583 2017/2018
Banic, Josip Venetian Istria in the Embrace of a Nascent Dominium (1380 - 1517) 2016/2017
Carr-Riegel, Leslie To Serve the Kings: Providers to the court of Jadwiga and Władysław II Jagiełło of Poland (1384-1434) from the city of Krakow 2016/2017
Ivić, Ines Birth of a National Saint: Saint Jerome Between Identities in the Late Middle Ages Croatia Gábor Klaniczay 2016/2017
Kandzha, Iliana The Cult of the Royal Couple: Henry II and Cunigunde in Hagiographic Tradition, Art and Liturgy 2016/2017
Knox, Daniel Ennodius of Pavia and Social Networks in Ostrogothic Italy 2016/2017
Parvanov, Petar Medieval Deviant Burial Customs in South-eastern Europe 2016/2017
Shpakau, Miraslau Discourses of Collective Identity in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania from the Fifteenth to the Mid-Seventeenth Century Gerhard Jaritz 2016/2017
Bertović, Kristian For the Salvation of Souls: Patronage over the Pauline Order in Medieval Croatia and Istria 2015/2016
Hayrapetyan, Piruza The Image of the Theotokos in Armenian Gandjs and Tałs: Comparative Study with Syriac and Byzantine Marian Hymns István Perczel 2015/2016
Laginja, Matea Contextualizing the Plague in the Adriatic 2015/2016
Mariani, Giacomo Roberto Caracciolo da Lecce’s Sermons as a Source for Religious and Intellectual History of Late Fifteenth-century Italy Gábor Klaniczay 2015/2016
Muntan, Emese Negotiating Catholic Reform and Ottoman Subjecthood: Communal and Confessional Boundaries in the Missionary Work of Bosnian Franciscans, 1622-1699 Tijana Krstić 2015/2016
Petrović, Mišo Development and Organization of the Church in Croatia, Dalmatia and Slavonia in the 14th Century Katalin Szende 2015/2016
Rojas Molina, Grabiela The Political Language and Communication between Venice and the Albania Veneta at the turn of the Fifteenth century 2015/2016
Soficaru, Iuliana Restoring the City's Health: Medical Ecumenism and Public Health in Late Antique Constantinople and Alexandria Volker Menze 2015/2016
Theologou, Anastasia Mother Nature vs Father Creator: On the Creation of the World István Perczel 2015/2016
Mustata, Radu The Syriac Version of Pedro Gomez's Treatise On the Seven Sacraments of the Church and the Syriac Legacy of Francisco Roz 2014/2015
Pető, Zsuzsa The Hermits of the King, the Hermits of the People: Pauline Monastic Space in the Carpathian Basin until the Mid-Fifteenth Century 2014/2015
Pow, Stephen Conquest, Withdrawal, and Diplomatic Overture: Understanding the Mongol Invasions of Europe in the Thirteenth Century 2014/2015
Razum, Igor A Century of Learning: Transferring the Canons of the Fourth Lateran Council into Central Europe 2014/2015
Silnović, Nirvana The Art of the Mithraic Cult in the Roman Province of Dalmatia Volker Menze 2014/2015
Stark, Karen Our Lady of Our Land: The Sacred Landscape of Marian Sanctuaries in East-Central Europe, 14th-16th centuries 2014/2015
Hespen, Holger Eschatological Debates in the late 6th Century 2013/2014
Juganaru, Andra Family Double Monasteries in the Fourth and the Fifth Centuries: An Inquiry into the Theological Roots, Social Context, and Early Evolution of an Old Practice 2013/2014
Kónya, Anna Late Gothic Wall Painting in Transylvania Béla Zsolt Szakács 2013/2014
Sünnetcioglu, Halil Evren Inscribing Authority through Men of the Pen: Şeyhülislam Zekeriyazade Yahya Efendi (1561-1644) and the Transmission of Legal Knowledge in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire Tijana Krstić 2013/2014
Vadas, András The Control and Appropriation of Water Resources in Late Medieval and Early Modern Hungary (15th–17th centuries) 2013/2014
Vargha, Mária The Archaeology of Christianisation of the Rural Countryside of Medieval Hungary with the Context of East Central Europe (11th-13th centuries) József Laszlovszky 2013/2014
Becskereki, Ida Modality and Salvation; Logical Commitments in Thomas Buckingham's Soteriology György László Geréby 2012/2013
Bodnaruk, Mariana Production of Distinction: The Self-representation of the Senatorial Aristocracy in the 4th Century CE Gerhard Jaritz
Orlandi, Silvia
Eke, Zsuzsanna Wooden Church Furnishings and the Art of Joiners in Sixteenth-Century Transylvania. Influences and Workshops Gerhard Jaritz 2012/2013
Incze, János “Our Lord the King Looks for Money in Every Corner” Sigismund of Luxembourg’s Pledgings in Hungary 2012/2013
Kelenhegyi, Andor The Beast between Us. The Construction of Identity and Alterity through Animal Symbolism in Late Antique Jewish and Christian Tradition Carsten L. Wilke 2012/2013
Nikolaishvili, Sandro Byzantium and Georgian World between 900–1213: Kingship, Politics and Royal Rhetoric in the Byzantine Periphery 2012/2013
Orbán, Áron Born for Phoebus. Solar-astral Symbolism and Poetical Self-representation in Conrad Celtis and his Humanist Circles. György Szőnyi 2012/2013
Adashinskaya, Anna An Agency of a Sponsor: The Patronage of Monasteries in Medieval Serbia and Later Byzantium as an Economic, Political, Social, and Artistic Phenomenon 2011/2012
Bileta, Vedran Masters and Commanders: The Changing Role of the Military Elite in the Late Roman West (AD 363-476) Volker Menze 2011/2012
Grigoryan, Sona Critique of Religions and Notions of Freethinking in al-Ma'arri's Luzumiyyat. Aziz Alazmeh 2011/2012
Kondor, Márta The Ginger Fox's Two Crowns. Central Administration and Government in Sigismund of Luxembourg's Realms 1410-1419 Katalin Szende 2011/2012
Konrád, Eszter The Representation of the Saints of the Mendicant Orders in Late Medieval Hungary Gábor Klaniczay 2011/2012
Kraft, András The apocalyptic horizon in Byzantium: philosophy, prophecy, and politics during the eleventh through thirteenth centuries István Perczel 2011/2012
Mielke, Christopher Every Hyacinth the Garden Wears: The Archaeology of Medieval Hungarian Queenship (1000-1395) 2011/2012
Znorovszky, Andrea-Bianka Between Mary and Christ: Depicting Cross-Dressed Saints in the Middle Ages (c. 1200-1600) 2011/2012
Aklan, Anna Katalin Wandering Lotuses: Parallel Philosophical Illustrations in Late Antique Greek and in Indian Philosophies István Perczel
Ferenc Ruzsa
Artimon, Teodora The Proto-Myth of Stephen the Great of Moldavia Gerhard Jaritz 2010/2011
Bencze, Ünige On the Border: Western Monastic Orders in Medieval Transylvania (Eleventh to Sixteenth Century) 2010/2011
Ivanišević, Dora Epitaphic Culture and Social History in Late Antique Salona (ca. 250 – 600 C.E.) Volker Menze 2010/2011
Kiss, Tamás Cyprus in Venetian and Ottoman Political Imagination, c. 1489-1582 2010/2011
Nastasoiu, Dragos-Gheorghe Between Personal Devotion and Political Propaganda: Iconographic Aspects in the Representation of the sancti reges Hungariae in Church Mural Painting (14th – Early-16th Century) 2010/2011
Plumtree, James ‘How the Corpse of a Most Mighty King... The Use of the Death and Burial of the English Monarch (From Edward to Henry I)’ 2010/2011
Csikós , Veronika Episcopal Patronage in Angevin Hungary Gerhard Jaritz 2009/2010
Dobcheva, Ivana The Transmission and Reception of the Aratea in the Latin West in the Early Middle Ages (from the 8th to the 11th centuries) Anna Somfai 2009/2010
Ferenczi, László Management of Monastic Landscapes. A Spatial Analysis of the Economy of Cistercian Monasteries in Medieval Hungary. József Laszlovszky 2009/2010
Kozlowski, Wojciech The Thirteenth Century International System and the Origins of the Angevin-Piast Alliance Balázs Nagy 2009/2010
Putnik, Noel Obtinere Mentem Divinam: The Spiritual Anthropology of Cornelius Agrippa 2009/2010
Savinetskaya, Irina The Politics and Poetics of Morbus Gallicus in the German Lands (1495 - 1520) Gerhard Jaritz 2009/2010
Shlyakhtin, Roman From Huns into Persians: The Image of the Seljuk Turks of Asia Minor among the Byzantine Literati of the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries
Niels Gaul
Luka Špoljarić Nicholas of Modruš, 'The Glory of Illyria': Humanist Patriotism and Self-Fashioning in Renaissance Rome Niels Gaul 2008/2009
Kliuchnik, Alena Western Representations of Poland, Lithuania and Moscovia in the Fifteenth - First Half of the Sixteenth Centuries. A Comparative Approach Using Visual Text Analysis. Gerhard Jaritz 2008/2009
Lyublyanovics, Kyra The Socio-Economic Integration of Cumans in Medieval Hungary. An Archaeozoological Approach. Alice Mathea Choyke 2008/2009
Manolova, Divna Discourses of Science and Philosophy in the Letters of Nikephoros Gregoras Niels Gaul 2008/2009
Sabau, Antoaneta Developing Latin Theological Language at the Court of Charles the Bald: Peri kataskeuēs anthrōpou of Gregory of Nyssa in the Translation of Johannes Scottus Eriugena Daniel Ziemann 2008/2009
Vuković, Marijana Martyr Memories: The Afterlife of the Martyrdom of Irenaeus of Sirmium between East and West in Medieval Hagiographical Collections (Eighth – Eleventh Centuries). Marianne Sághy 2008/2009
Wheatley-Irving, Linda Building the Monastic Life: Mar Abhai and Pesqin Monasteries on the Euphrates 2008/2009
Mickūnaitė, Giedré Grand Duke Vytautas - Establishing Vytautas the Great János Bak 2007/2008
Baranov, Vladimir Byzantine Iconoclasm (726-843): A Study in Theological Method György László Geréby 2007/2008
Drosztmér, Ágnes Images of Distance and Closeness: The Ottomans in Sixteenth-Century Hungarian Vernacular Poetry 2007/2008
Duluş, Mircea Grațian Rhetoric, Exegesis and Florilegic Structure in Philagathos of Cerami: An Investigation of the Homilies and of the Allegorical Exegesis of Heliodorus’ Aethiopika 2007/2008
Karačić, Darko The Franciscan Impact on Medieval Dalmatian and Bosnian Urban Centers József Laszlovszky 2007/2008
Mérai, Dóra Memory from the Past, Display for the Future: Early Modern Funeral Monuments from the Transylvanian Principality József Laszlovszky 2007/2008
Tsonkova, Svetlana Charms, Amulets: Rites: Verbal Magic and Daily Life in Late Medieval and Early Modern Bulgaria 2007/2008
Hašimbegović, Elma Manuscripts of the Bosnian Church József Laszlovszky 2006/2007
Jedamski, Julia Itinerant Rulership in Byzantium: a Topographical Analysis of the Laskarid Realm (1204–1261) 2006/2007
Keene, Katie Saint Margaret, Queen of the Scots: Her Life and Memory Gábor Klaniczay 2006/2007
Leonte, Florin Rhetoric in Purple: the Renewal of Imperial Ideology in the Texts of Emperor Manuel II Palaiologos Niels Gaul 2006/2007
Novalija, Alen The Balkan Simmering Pot: Serbian sanctity after the Nemanjici and before the renewal of the patriarchate of Peć in 1557 2006/2007
Arany, Krisztina Florentine Families in Hungary In the First Half of the Fifteenth Century Balázs Nagy 2005/2006
Buda, Zsófia Sacrifice and Redemption in the Hamburg Miscellany. The Illustration of a Fifteenth-century Ashkenazi Manuscript Gerhard Jaritz 2005/2006
Conti, Fabrizio Preachers and Confessors Against "Superstitions". The Rosarium Sermonum by Bernardino Busti and Its Milanese Context. (Late Fifteenth Century) Gábor Klaniczay 2005/2006
Daniel, Cristian Coping with the Powerful Other: A Comparative Approach to Greek-Slavonic Communities of Rite in Late Medieval Transylvania and the Banat Niels Gaul 2005/2006
Gabrichidze, Natia The Homilies of St. Germanos I Patriarch of Constantinople in the Old Georgian Translated Sources István Perczel 2005/2006
Kurelić, Robert Eagle and Lion: Integration, Immigration, and Conflict on the Istrian Frontier in the Sixteenth Century Gerhard Jaritz 2005/2006
Szilágyi, Magdolna Árpád Period Communication Networks: Road Systems in Western Transdanubia 2005/2006
Bokody, Peter Pictorial and Iconographic Reflexivity: Images-within-Images in Italian Painting (1278-1348) Gábor Klaniczay 2004/2005
Flóra, Ágnes The Matter of Honour. The Leading Urban Elite in Sixteenth Century Cluj and Sibiu Katalin Szende 2004/2005
Gruia, Ana Maria Religious Representations on Stove Tiles from the Medieval Kingdom of Hungary József Laszlovszky 2004/2005
Kunčević, Lovro The Myth of Ragusa: Discourses on Civic Identity in an Adriatic City-State (1350-1600) Gerhard Jaritz 2004/2005
Miladinova, Nadejda Transmission History of Euthymios Zigadenos’ Panoplia Dogmatike with Editio Princeps of Scholia to the Fragments of Dionysios the Areopagite and Gregory the Theologian István Perczel 2004/2005
Németh, András Imperial Systematization of the Past: Emperor Constantine VII and His Historical Excerpts Niels Gaul 2004/2005
Sebõ, Judit The Attentive Gaze. Town and Landscape in the Graphic Arts of the Sixteenth Century Gerhard Jaritz 2004/2005
Vedriš, Trpimir Hagiography as Memory: Saints' Cults and the Construction of the Past in Medieval Dalmatia 2004/2005
Kunsmanaitė, Jurgita Provisions for Widowhood in the Legal Sources of Sixteenth-Century Lithuania Katalin Szende 2003/2004
Kuzmová, Stanislava Preaching Saint Stanislaus: Medieval Sermons on Saint Stanislaus of Cracow and Their Role in the Construction of His Image and Cult Gábor Klaniczay 2003/2004
Movrin, David The Making and Undoing of the Elites: Classical Edudation in Slovenia between Renaissance and Demise Gábor Klaniczay 2003/2004
Szőcs, Péter Levente Private Monasteries of Medieval Hungary (Eleventh to Fourteenth Centuries): A Case Study of the Ákos Kindred and its Monasteries Béla Zsolt Szakács 2003/2004
Visi, Tamás The early Ibn Ezra Supercommentaries: A chapter in Medieval Jewish Intellectual History György László Geréby 2002/2003
Bobory Dóra Boldizsár Batthyány (1542-1590).Erudition, Natural Sciences, Patronage, and Friendship in the Life of a Sixteenth-Century Hungarian Nobleman Katalin Szende 2002/2003
Mutlova, Petra Radicals and Heretics: The Dresden School in Prague Gábor Klaniczay 2002/2003
Németh, Csaba Contemplation and the Cognition of God. Victorine Theological Anthropology and its Decline György László Geréby 2002/2003
Prioteasa, Elena Dana Medieval Wall Paintings in Transylvanian Orthodox Churches and their Donors Béla Zsolt Szakács 2002/2003
Soós, Zoltán The Mendicant Orders in Medieval Transylvania, 13th-16th Centuries József Laszlovszky 2002/2003
Doležalová, Lucie Reception and Its Varieties: Reading, Re-Writing, and Understanding Cena Cypriani in the Middle Ages Gerhard Jaritz 2001/2002
Belényesyné Sárosi, Edit Landscapes and settlements in the Kecskemét Region, 1300–1700 2001/2002
Capros, Iulia Students from Košice at Foreign Universities Before and During the Reformation Period in the Town Katalin Szende 2001/2002
Forrai, Réka The Interpreter of the Popes. The Translation Project of Anastasius Bibliothecarius György László Geréby 2001/2002
Goina, Mariana The Uses of Pragmatic Literacy in the Medieval Principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia (from the State Foundation to the End of the Sixteenth Century) Gerhard Jaritz 2001/2002
Marinković, Ana The Birth and the Agents of an Episcopal Civic Cult: St John of Trogir (12th-15th Century) Gábor Klaniczay
Budak, Neven
Vojvoda, Rozana Dalmatian Illuminated Manuscripts Written in Beneventan Script and Benedictine Scriptoria in Zadar, Dubrovnik, and Trogir Béla Zsolt Szakács 2001/2002
Zazulyak, Yuriy Enmity, Dispute and Noble Community in the Late Medieval Kingdom of Poland in the Fifteenth and Early Sixteenth Centuries. Evidence from the Rus' Palatinate. János Bak 2001/2002
Żabiński, Grzegorz Mogiła and Henryków: A Comparative Economic History of Cistercian Monasteries within their Social Context (Up to the End of the Thirteenth Century) Gerhard Jaritz 2000/2001
Kozubska-Andrusiv, Olha 'Urban Development and German Law in Galician Rus’ During the Thirteenth - Fifteenth Centuries Katalin Szende 2000/2001
Gecser, Ottó Aspects of the Cult of St. Elizabeth of Hungary with a Special Emphasis on Preaching, 1231-c.1500 Gábor Klaniczay 2000/2001
Lupescu, Radu The Castles of the Aristocracy in the Fifteenth Century Hungary. New Features in Building Residences József Laszlovszky 2000/2001
Lupescu, Maria Catholic Piety in Medieval Transylvanian Towns on the Basis of Donations and Testaments Katalin Szende 2000/2001
Réthelyi, Orsolya Mary of Hungary in Court Context (1521-1531) Katalin Szende 2000/2001
Sarkadi Nagy, Emese Produced for Transylvainia - Local Workshops and Foreign Connections. Studies to Late Medieval Altarpieces of Transylvania. Marcell Sebők 2000/2001
Sileikyte, Ruta King Alfred's Boethius: The Reception of Christian Neoplatonic Thought in the Old English Philosophical Translation György László Geréby 2000/2001
Spät, Eszter Late Antique Motifs in Yezidi Oral Tradition 2000/2001
Láng Benedek Learned Magic and Its Readers in Central Europe in the Fifteenth Century Gábor Klaniczay 1999/2000
Karaulashvili, Irma The Epistula Abgari: Composition, Redactions, Dates István Perczel 1999/2000
Schmelowszky Ágoston "… from my body I behold God" (Job 19, 26): A Contribution to the Revaluation of the Theoretical Background of the Origenist Controversy István Perczel 1999/2000
Pogossian, Zaroui The Revised- Diplomatic Edition and a Historical and Textual Investigation of "Letter of Love and Concordance between the Emperor Constantine the Great and Pope Sylvester and the King of Armenian Trdat the Great and St. Gregory the Illuminator" István Perczel 1999/2000
Popa-Gorjanu, Cosmin Medieval Nobility in Central Europe: The Himfi Family János Bak 1999/2000
Szpilewska, Jolanta Religious Drama and Performance in Early Modern Krakow Gerhard Jaritz 1999/2000
Alexandrov, Victor The Slavic Destiny of the Syntagma of Matthew Blastares: Dissemination and Use of the Code from the Fourteenth to Seventeenth Century Cleminson, Ralph 1999/2000
Zečević, Nada The Tocco of the Greek Realm 14th and 15th c. János Bak 1999/2000
Horničková, Katerina In Heaven and on Earth: Church Treasure in Late Medieval Bohemia Gerhard Jaritz 1999/2000
Lala, Etleva Regnum Albaniae and the Papal Curia Gerhard Jaritz 1999/2000
Pálosfalvi, Tamás The Noble Elite in the County of Körös (Križevci) 1400 - 1526 Gábor Klaniczay 1999/2000
Sallay, Dóra Early Sienese Paintings in Hungarian Collections, 1420-1520 Gábor Klaniczay 1999/2000
Szabó Péter Woodland and Forests in Medieval Hungary József Laszlovszky 1998/1999
Pakucs Mária The Trade of Sibiu in the 16th C.: The Evidence of the Town's Customs Registers Balázs Nagy 1998/1999
Lemeneva, Elena Contextualizing Thirteenth-Century Benedictine Preaching: The Case of St. Lambrecht (Styria) Gerhard Jaritz 1998/1999
Nikolić, Zrinka The Formation of Dalmatian Urban Nobility: Examples of Split, Trogir, and Zadar Budak, Neven 1998/1999
Nemerkényi Előd Latin Classics in Medieval Hungary 11th Century László Veszprémy 1998/1999
La Salvia, Vasco Iron Making in the Migration Period. The Case of the Lombards József Laszlovszky 1998/1999
Barbiera, Irene Migration and Identity during the Lombard Invasions József Laszlovszky 1998/1999
Gaşpar, Cristian-Nicolae In Praise of Unlikely Holy Men: Elite Hagiography, Monastic Panegyric, and Cultural Translation in the Philotheos Historia of Theodoret, Bishop of Cyrrhus István Perczel 1998/1999
Kiss, Andrea Floods and Long-Term Water-Level Changes in Late Medieval Hungary József Laszlovszky 1998/1999
Sillasoo, Ülle Plant Depictions in Late Medieval Religious Art in Southern Central Europe Gerhard Jaritz 1997/1998
Kovács Annamária Court, Fashion and Representation: The Hungarian Illuminated Chronicle Revisited Gábor Klaniczay 1997/1998
Heidl, György Origen's Influence on the Young Augustine István Perczel 1997/1998
Virágos Gábor Noble Residences and Their Social Context in Hungary in the Thirteenth through the Sixteenth Centuries József Laszlovszky 1997/1998
Kolbutova, Irina Transformations of Philosophical Metaphors in Text and Image: From Plotinus to John Damascene and Christian Iconography István Perczel 1997/1998
Hristovska, Katerina Byzantine Coins from Macedonia: Money and Their Use in South-Eastern Balkans (1081-1261) József Laszlovszky 1997/1998
Bugár István A Cult With Images. Christian Attitudes towards Sacred Art from Constantine to Justinian István Perczel 1996/1997
Mänd, Anu The Urban Festival in Late Medieval Livonia: Norm, Practice, Perception Gerhard Jaritz 1996/1997
Gigineishvili, Levan The Platonic Theology of Ioane Petritsi István Perczel 1996/1997
Hunyadi Zsolt Hospitallers in the Medieval Kingdom of Hungary, c. 1150-1387 József Laszlovszky 1996/1997
Miladinov, Marina Eremitism in Central Europe between East and West (11th Century) Gábor Klaniczay 1996/1997
Majorossy, Judit Church in Town: Urban Religious Life in Late Medieval Pressburg in the Mirror of Last Wills Katalin Szende 1996/1997
Kostova, Rossina Monasticism in Bulgaria, Ninth to Tenth Centuries: Interpreting the Archaeological Evidence József Laszlovszky 1995/1996
Mishin, Dmitrij Saqlabi Servants in Islamic Spain and North Africa in the Early Middle Ages János Bak 1995/1996
Jurković, Ivan The Fate of the Croatian Noble Families in the Face of Ottoman Advance János Bak 1995/1996
Gogâltan, Anca Patronage and Artistic Production in Transylvania: The Apafis and the Church in Mălâncrav (14th – 15th centuries) Gerhard Jaritz 1995/1996
Petrova, Maya The Bdinski Sbornik: A Study of a Medieval Bulgarian Book (Historical, Typological, and Textual Analysis) Gábor Klaniczay
Cleminson, Ralph
Ladić, Zoran Urban Last Wills from Late Medieval Dalmatia with Special Attention to the Legacies Pro Remedio Animae Gerhard Jaritz 1994/1995
Dimitrova, Margaret Greek and Latin Loanwords and Names in Croation Glagolitic Missals
Birnbaum, Henrik
Cleminson, Ralph
Karbić, Damir The Šubići of Bribir (A Case Study of a Croatian Medieval Kindred) János Bak 1994/1995
Andrić, Stanko The Miracles of St. John Capistran Gábor Klaniczay 1994/1995