Thesis author Thesis titles Year of enrollment 
Andriy PosunkoThe Ambiguities of Cossackdom: The Case of the Pontic Steppe, 1775-1830s2012/2013 
Oskar MulejInterwar Perspectives on Liberalism in Central Europe: the Czech, Austrian and Slovene National Liberal Heirs, 1918-19342011/2012 
Francesco La RoccaWriters of Tales: A Study on National Literary Epic Poetry with a Comparative Analysis of the Albanian and South Slavic Cases2011/2012 
Liliana IugaReshaping the Historic City under Socialism: State Preservation, Urban Planning, and the Politics of Scarcity in Romania (1945-1977)2010/2011 
Adrian GramaLaboring Along: Industrial Workers and the Making of Postwar Romania (1944-1955)2010/2011 
Anna MazanikSanitation, Urban Environment and the Politics of Public Health in Late Imperial Moscow2009/2010 
Good health is the best dowry : marriage counseling, premarital examinations, sex education in Hungary, 1920-19522009/2010 
Piotr WcislikLicense: The Prefigurative Politics of Polish Dissident Social Media Activism, 1976-19902009/2010 
Aron SzeleThe Arrow Cross. The Ideology of Hungarian Fascism. A conceptual approach2008/2009 
Zsofia Lorand“Learning a Feminist Language”: The Intellectual History of Feminism in Yugoslavia in the 1970s and 1980s2008/2009 
Emily Gioielli‘White Misrule’: Terror and Political Violence during Hungary’s Long World War I, 1919-19242008/2009 
Biliuta Ionut The archangel's consecrated servants : an inquiry in the relationship between the Romanian Orthodox church and the Iron Guard (1930-1941)2007/2008 
Adam Mestyan“A garden with mellow fruits of refinement” - Music Theatres and Cultural Politics in Cairo and Istanbul, 1867-18922007/2008 
Tatiana KhripachenkoNational challenges to decentralization : autonomy and federation in the Russian liberal discourse, 1900-19142007/2008 
Uku LemberSilenced Ethnicity: Russian-Estonian Intermarriages in Soviet Estonia (Oral History)2007/2008 
Livia SzelpalA Tale of two Hungarian Cities: The Making and Reading of Modern Debrecen and Szeged 1850-19142006/2007 
Kata BohusJews, Israelites, Zionists : the Hungarian state's policies on Jewish issues in a comparative perspective (1956-1968)2006/2007 
Vasile OlaruWrits and measures : symbolic power and the growth of state infrastructure in Wallachia, 1740-18002006/2007 
Katalin StranerScience, Translation and the Public: The Hungarian Reception of Darwinism, 1858-18752006/2007 
Maria FalinaPyrrhic Victory: East Orthodox Christianity, Politics and Serbian Nationalism in the Interwar Period2005/2006 
Curating communism : a comparative history of museological practices in post-war (1946-1958) and post-communist Romania2005/2006 
Marioara-Camelia Craciun Between Marginal Rebels and Mainstream Critics: Jewish Romanian Intellectuals in the Interwar Period2003/2004