Dunja Milenkovic

doctoral candidate
Position (magyar): 
Department of Medieval Studies
BA in History, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade (2013)
MA in History, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade (2014)
MA in Medieval Studies, Central European university (2017)
Academic/Professional Experience and Achievements: 

Dunja received her BA degree (2013) and MA degree (2014) from the History Department at the Faculty of Philosophy (Belgrade University, Serbia). She also holds an MA in Medieval Studies from the Central European University (2017) where she is now currently enrolled as a Doctoral student. Her research focus is primarily on Byzantine literature, literary analysis and history of ideas. In her MA Thesis defended at the Central European University she dealt with two understudied satirical works written by Theodor Prodromos, a twelfth century Byzantine polymath.  In this thesis she contributes to the recognition of the literary value of Prodromos’s  Philoplaton or Leather Tanner and The Ignorant and Self-Proclaimed Grammarian  and demonstrates how Prodromos by means of invective displays his own erudition and constructs the image of an overall intellectual authority. Her current PhD project is focused on the case of Prodromos in a broader sense and investigates how the self-image of a Byzantine intellectual was constructed through both - learned literary production and entangled interactions, debates and rivalries with the other contemporary intellectuals.

Academic/research topics: 
Byzantine literature and history
Byzantine philosophy
Byzantine rhetoric
intellectual history
Language proficiencies (spoken): 
Bosnian/Croatian/Montenegrin/Serbian (native)
English (proficient)
German (basic)
Russian (basic)
Year of enrollment: 

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