Victor Karady

egyetemi tanár
Year of Birth: 

Contact information

Budapest, Nador u. 11
+36 1 327-3195

Fellowships and Awards

  • External member of the Hungarian Academy of Science (1993)
  • Invited member of Wolfson College, Oxford (1980-82).
  • Invited scholar at the European University Institute in Fiesole (1994), at the Max Planck Institut fur Bildungsforschung in Berlin (1977).
  • Member of several juries for doctoral defence and habilitation in Paris, Florence, Geneva, Budapest, etc.

Professional Activities

  • Convener of an international workshop on European student exchanges in pre-1945 Europe. Last conference in Budapest, April 2005.
  • European Workshop on elite recruitment. Last conference in Wittenberg, October 2005.
  • Organiser of a Hungarian workshop on educational inequalities and elite training in Hungary (1850-1948). Several publications in print.
  • Membership at the Centre de Sociologie Europeenne (CNRS and EHESS in Paris).
  • Convenor of an international network on elite formation in emerging nation states of East Central Europe (19th-20th Centuries)

CEU Doctoral Supervision

  • The Migration of the Numerus Clausus Exiles / Ágnes Kelemen (current) --co-supervision with Michael Laurence Miller
  • Between assimilation and catastrophe: Hungarian Jewish intellectual discourses in the shadow of nazism / Ferenc Loerinc Laczo (2011)
  • Jewish politics in Hungary: jewish parliamentary politicians 1867-1890 / Árpád Welker (2006)
  • A forgotten home front: the middle classes and the jewish question in first world war Hungary / Péter Bihari (2005)
  • The informal politics of culture: Transylvanian learned societies civic networks and the formation of the nation-state 1790-1914 / Borbála Zsuzsanna Török (2004)
  • State-minority relations and the education of Turks and Pomaks in inter-war Bulgaria 1918-1944 / Mila Mancheva (2003)
  • National controversy in the Transylvanian Academe: the Cluj/Kolozsvár University, 1900-1950 / Zoltán Pálfy (2003)


Budapest and Paris (diplôme d`expert-demogpraphe from the Sorbonne, 1965)

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