Students graduated with HUN degree


Muntán, Emese | Hungary
Title of the doctoral dissertation : Negotiating Catholic Reform: Global Catholicism and Its Local Agents in Northern Ottoman Rumeli (1570s-1680s)
Supervisor: Tijana Krstić


Adashinskaya, Anna | Russian Federation
Title of the doctoral dissertation: Ktetor: Practices of Ecclesiastic Foundation, Sponsorship, and Patronage in Late Byzantium and Balkan Slavic Countries.
Supervisors: Daniel Ziemann, Gábor Klaniczay

Bencze, Ünige | Romania
Title of the doctoral dissertation: On the Border: Monastic Landscapes of Medieval Transylvania (Between the Eleventh and Sixteenth Centuries)
Supervisors: József Laszlovszky, Katalin Szende

Pow, Stephen | Canada
Title of the doctoral dissertation: Conquest and Withdrawal: The Mongol Invasions of Europe in the Thirteenth Century
Supervisors: Balázs Nagy, József Laszlovszky

Kónya, Anna | Romania
Title of the doctoral dissertation: Eucharistic Imagery in the Late Gothic Wall Paintings of Transylvania (c. 1440–1530).
Supervisor: Béla Zsolt Szakács

Ivić, Ines | Croatia
Title of the doctoral dissertation: The Birth of National Saint: The Cult of Saint Jerome in Late Medieval Dalmatia
Supervisor: Gábor Klaniczay


Vargha, Mária | Hungary
Title of the doctoral dissertation:The Archaeology of Christianisation of the Rural Countryside of Medieval Hungary
Supervisor: József Laszlovszky


Dragos-Gheorghe Nastasoiu
Title of the doctoral dissertation: Between Personal Devotion and Political Propaganda: Iconographic Aspects in the Representation of the sancti reges Hungariae in Church Mural Painting (14th – Early-16th Century)
Supervisors: Béla Zsolt Szakács and Gábor Klaniczay

Andra Juganaru
Title of the doctoral dissertationFamily Double Monasteries in the Fourth and the Fifth Centuries: An Inquiry into the Theological Roots, Social Context, and Early Evolution of an Old Practice
Supervisors: Marianne Sághy and István Perczel

Anna Katalin Aklan
Title of the doctoral dissertationWandering Lotuses: Parallel Philosophical Illustrations in Late Antique Greek and in Indian Philosophies
Supervisor: István Perczel

János Incze
Title of the doctoral dissertation: "Our Lord the King Looks for Money in Every Corner" Sigismund of Luxembourg's Pledgings in Hungary
Supervisors: Katalin Szende and Balázs Nagy

András Kraft
Title of the doctoral dissertationThe apocalyptic horizon in Byzantium: philosophy, prophecy, and politics during the eleventh through thirteenth centuries
Supervisor: István Perczel


Áron Orbán
Title of the doctoral dissertation: Born for Phoebus. Solar-astral Symbolism and Poetical Self-representation in Conrad Celtis and his Humanist Circles.
Supervisor: György Szőnyi

Andor Kelenhegyi
Title of the doctoral dissertationThe Beast between Us. The Construction of Identity and Alterity through Animal Symbolism in Late Antique Jewish and Christian Tradition
Supervisor: Carsten L. Wilke

Eszter Konrád
Title of the doctoral dissertationThe Representation of the Saints of the Mendicant Orders in Late Medieval Hungary
Supervisor: Gábor Klaniczay


Andrea-Bianka Znorovszky

Title of the doctoral dissertation: Between Mary and Christ: Depicting Cross-Dressed Saints in the Middle Ages (c. 1200-1600)
Supervisors: Gerhard Jaritz and Marianne Sághy

Tamás Kiss

Title of the doctoral dissertation: Cyprus in Venetian and Ottoman Political Imagination, c. 1489-1582
Supervisors: Tijana Krstić and György Szőnyi

Ágnes Drosztmér
Title of the doctoral dissertationImages of Distance and Closeness: The Ottomans in Sixteenth-Century Hungarian Vernacular Poetry
Supervisors: Marcell Sebők and György Szőnyi


Teodora Artimon
Title of the doctoral dissertationThe Proto-Myth of Stephen the Great of Moldavia
Supervisor: Gerhard Jaritz


Krisztina Arany
Title of the doctoral dissertationFlorentine Families in Hungary In the First Half of the Fifteenth Century
Supervisor: Balázs Nagy

Divna Manolova
Title of the doctoral dissertation: Discourses of Science and Philosophy in the Letters of Nikephoros Gregoras
Supervisor: Niels Gaul

Kozlowski, Wojciech | Poland
Title of the doctoral dissertation: The Thirteenth Century International System and the Origins of the Angevin-Piast Alliance
Supervisor: Balázs Nagy

Szőcs, Péter Levente | Romania
Title of the doctoral dissertation: Kindred Monasteries of Medieval Hungary: A Case Study of the Ákos Kindred and its Monasteries
Supervisors: József Laszlovszky, Béla Zsolt Szakács


Edit Belényesyné Sárosi

Title of the doctoral dissertation: Landscapes and settlements in the Kecskemét Region, 1300–1700
Supervisor: Katalin Szende and József Laszlovszky

Špoljarić, Luka | Croatia
Title of the doctoral dissertation: Nicholas of Modruš, 'The Glory of Illyria': Humanist Patriotism and Self-Fashioning in Renaissance Rome
Supervisor: Niels Gaul


Zsófia Buda
Title of the doctoral dissertation: Sacrifice and Redemption in the Hamburg Miscellany. The Illustration of a Fifteenth-century Ashkenazi Manuscript
Supervisor: Gerhard Jaritz

Magdolna Szilágyi
Title of the doctoral dissertation: Árpád Period Communication Networks: Road Systems in Western Transdanubia
Supervisor: József Laszlovszky and Katalin Szende


Andrea Kiss

Title of the doctoral dissertation: Floods and Long-Term Water-Level Changes in Late Medieval Hungary
Supervisor: József Laszlovszky

Fabrizio Conti
Title of the doctoral dissertation: Preachers and Confessors Against "Superstitions". The Rosarium Sermonum by Bernardino Busti and Its Milanese Context. (Late Fifteenth Century)
Supervisor: Gábor Klaniczay


Iulia Capros
Title of the doctoral dissertation: Students from Košice at Foreign Universities Before and During the Reformation Period in the Town
Supervisor: Katalin Szende

Orsolya Réthelyi
Title of the doctoral dissertation: Mary of Hungary in Court Context (1521-1531)
Supervisor: Katalin Szende

Stanislava Kuzmová
Title of the doctoral dissertation: Preaching Saint Stanislaus: Medieval Sermons on Saint Stanislaus of Cracow and Their Role in the Construction of His Image and Cult
Supervisor: Gábor Klaniczay

András Németh
Title of the doctoral dissertation: Imperial Systematization of the Past: Emperor Constantine VII and His Historical Excerpts
Supervisor: Niels Gaul


Jurgita Kunsmanaitė
Title of the doctoral dissertation: Provisions for Widowhood in the Legal Sources of Sixteenth-Century Lithuania
Supervisor: Katalin Szende

Katerina Horničková
Title of the doctoral dissertation: In Heaven and on Earth: Church Treasure in Late Medieval Bohemia
Supervisor: Gerhard Jaritz

Eszter Spät

Title of the doctoral dissertation: Late Antique Motifs in Yezidi Oral Tradition
Supervisor: Gerhard Jaritz and István Perczel

Ana Maria Gruia
Title of the doctoral dissertation: Religious Representations on Stove Tiles from the Medieval Kingdom of Hungary
Supervisor: József Laszlovszky

Mariana Goina
Title of the doctoral dissertation: The Uses of Pragmatic Literacy in the Medieval Principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia (from the State Foundation to the End of the Sixteenth Century)
Supervisor: Gerhard Jaritz


Emese Sarkadi Nagy
Title of the doctoral dissertation: Produced for Transylvainia - Local Workshops and Foreign Connections. Studies to Late Medieval Altarpieces of Transylvania.
Supervisor: Marcell Sebők

Réka Forrai
Title of the doctoral dissertation: The Interpreter of the Popes. The Translation Project of Anastasius Bibliothecarius
Supervisor: György László Geréby

Yuriy Zazulyak
Title of the doctoral dissertation: Enmity, Dispute and Noble Community in the Late Medieval Kingdom of Poland in the Fifteenth and Early Sixteenth Centuries. Evidence from the Rus' Palatinate.
Supervisor: János Bak

Dóra Sallay

Title of the doctoral dissertation: Early Sienese Paintings in Hungarian Collections, 1420-1520
Supervisor: Gábor Klaniczay

Etleva Lala
Title of the doctoral dissertation: Regnum Albaniae and the Papal Curia
Supervisor: Gerhard Jaritz